• Next Chapter Begins

    It's been a little over a month since I moved on from the city I've lived in for 1/3 of my life to start something new. After July 1st it was goodbye Boston and hello New Haven, CT. I recently decided to move here with my boyfriend who will be working for Yale. I love Boston (and being close to my hometown in New Hampshire was wonderful) but I was ready for a change. New Haven is just another small step toward creating my own distinct life, and I'm glad to be here. It's a city with a lot of history, culture and tons of great food—which I will both love and regret I'm sure. It also has a burgeoning arts and creative scene, and I've already taken advantage of the city being on the commuter rail to NYC.

    In moving I also decided to leave my job as footwear designer for Puma. It wasn't an easy decision: I had not been there for too long (about 1.5 years) and hey, a well-paying job for a big corporation that allows you to travel is not something to complain about. But in the end I decided to move on, and with that I have also made the decision to start up something on my own again. I will always be the most fulfilled when I can not just be visually creative, but when I can really get my hands dirty with the decision-making and bring in others as well. So I have decided to open up a shop where I can showcase my art direction abilities, and also display the work of others.

    I will have more information in the coming months, but for now you can follow the shop at our website: Strange Ways. You can also read a bit about it over at Dance Party Massacre, while the website is still up. I am transferring all of my energy into this new shop, so expect DPM to be officially gone soon. (RIP! <3)

  • Jawbreaker: The Musical

    One of my favorite cult movies of the 90s is the Rose McGowan-led dark comedy Jawbreaker (which was also my first glimpse into the awesomeness of Judy Greer). A few weeks ago I was able to attend a reading of Jawbreaker: The Musical with a talented cast including Elizabeth GilliesJoanna 'JoJo' Levesque and Diana DeGarmo. Being the fanboy that I am took a weekend to draw up some potential ideas for teaser posters for the production (Are you really surprised?). I'm pretty happy with them and so was the part of the production team I spoke to, so I'd like to share them here. Keep in mind these are just unofficial concepts -- Here's hoping the musical gets a full-backing and they can get some official marketing going!

    You can see a range of ideas in the Posters section. I did all the art direction and design on these. 

    Big thanks to director/writer of the movie (and writer of the book for the musical) Darren Stein for inviting me to come along. Be sure to check out his latest movie G.B.F. which should be hitting OnDemand and theaters soon!

  • Return To Grey Gardens Poster

    Sometimes you find people that just click with, even if you haven't met. A few weeks ago, after finding out about Dance Party Massacre, a certain someone asked if I'd be interested in creating a poster for his alter ego's upcoming stage production.

    Mz. Peaches Christ (aka Mr. Joshua Grannell), no stranger to the camp and overtop horror shenanigans that I love (he DID direct a horror movie with Elvira in it...), is putting on a live stage performance remake/screamake of Grey Gardens that happens to be set near Halloween. She's joined by RuPaul's Drag Race winner (which I also love) Jinkx Monsoon (whom I also adore) for this wickedly fun production - and I'm so happy to say I produced and art directed this poster for the show!

    I think it just goes to show if you put yourself out there, you'll find people to connect with. While I may be focusing more on my corporate design work currently, I always loved design because it almost always involves collaboration with other creatives. And I thank Josh for wanting to collaborate with me on this one.

    But the GIANT thanks goes to Ryan Grant Long - for without his amazing illustration skills this poster would not exist. You can view it here, along with the other posters I've worked on before. Now if I only I could make it out to San Fran...

  • Podcast Interview with Inside Joke

    About a month ago I did my very first podcast, and it was just released. I spoke with Dirk Walker of Inside Joke and we chatted about how I got into design, the history of Dance Party Massacre, what intrigues me about horror, and my favorite (and least favorite) directors in the business.

    You can stream it below, or share on Inside Joke's Tumblr here.

  • Newest Member of the Puma Design Team

    After thinking long and hard what I want to do next in my career (and life), after a year of leaving Converse and working exclusively on my own projects, after being pursued (surprisingly) by 2 different companies at the same time -- I've made the decision to join the Puma footwear design team later this month. I'll be staying in Boston and working out of their office in Gov't Center.

    I'm so happy and grateful right now I could burst!!

  • Photos in Out Magazine

    The current issue of Out Magazine has hit newstands and I'm so honored to say my photographs of author/activist Chris Stedman are featured alongside his article. If you want to see in person, it's the March issue with Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe on the cover (no big deal...). You can also check out the piece online too.

    Some more portrait work I've done can be found in my portfolio here

  • 1 of “50 People to Keep on Your Radar”

    “I think it's important to follow your own path.”

    Honored to say I was chosen as 1 of “50 People to Keep on Your Radar” in the Spring Issue of Tosser Magazine! While Dance Party Massacre is my blood and guts, I'm also proud of my other work and can't wait to show what else I can do. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped me along the way.

  • Interview with Papercut Magazine

    In the latest issue of Papercut Magazine I have a 4 page spread featuring an interview with myself and featuring work from my clothing line Dance Party Massacre. The spread also features photos from our latest look book which I shot and art directed. This menswear issue features some top notch design, photography and fashion and I'm honored to be included. You can jump right to the spread here.

  • Recent Press Features

    I'm used to posting about Dance Party Massacre being featured in a blog or magazine, but lately some articles have become more about myself than just the brand. Below are some interviews recently with myself.

    EDGE Media - Alex Dakoulas "Horrifies" the Fashion Scene
    Boston Spirit - Tee Dance
    Boston Magazine - Oh, the horror!
    How to Start a Clothing Brand - 3 Questions for Brand Owners

  • Dance Party Massacre Turns 5

    I've been going full steam ahead over at Dance Party Massacre. That really has been taking up almost all of my time. While I've been doing a bit of freelance here and there, my main focus has been working on my clothing line.

    The biggest thing that has happened over there is that we turned 5 years old on Halloween (yes, I launched my party horror line on the funnest, scariest days of them all). To celebrate we had a big zombie fashion show at the Revere Hotel in downtown Boston. We also put out the Fall line with a look book and video shot, edited and well... everything, by yours truly. And the cherry on top of all this sundae is that we just announced our collaboration with horror royality Fangoria Magazine!

    So if you've wondering what I've been up to lately, please head on over to the Dance Party Massacre website and see for yourself. And if you like, pick up something in the shop. ;) 


I'm currently available for freelance work, collabs, etc. Get at me!