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    Sometimes you find people that just click with, even if you haven't met. A few weeks ago, after finding out about Dance Party Massacre, a certain someone asked if I'd be interested in creating a poster for his alter ego's upcoming stage production.

    Mz. Peaches Christ (aka Mr. Joshua Grannell), no stranger to the camp and overtop horror shenanigans that I love (he DID direct a horror movie with Elvira in it...), is putting on a live stage performance remake/screamake of Grey Gardens that happens to be set near Halloween. She's joined by RuPaul's Drag Race winner (which I also love) Jinkx Monsoon (whom I also adore) for this wickedly fun production - and I'm so happy to say I produced and art directed this poster for the show!

    I think it just goes to show if you put yourself out there, you'll find people to connect with. While I may be focusing more on my corporate design work currently, I always loved design because it almost always involves collaboration with other creatives. And I thank Josh for wanting to collaborate with me on this one.

    But the GIANT thanks goes to Ryan Grant Long - for without his amazing illustration skills this poster would not exist. You can view it here, along with the other posters I've worked on before. Now if I only I could make it out to San Fran...


I'm currently available for freelance work, collabs, etc. Get at me!