• Jawbreaker: The Musical

    One of my favorite cult movies of the 90s is the Rose McGowan-led dark comedy Jawbreaker (which was also my first glimpse into the awesomeness of Judy Greer). A few weeks ago I was able to attend a reading of Jawbreaker: The Musical with a talented cast including Elizabeth GilliesJoanna 'JoJo' Levesque and Diana DeGarmo. Being the fanboy that I am took a weekend to draw up some potential ideas for teaser posters for the production (Are you really surprised?). I'm pretty happy with them and so was the part of the production team I spoke to, so I'd like to share them here. Keep in mind these are just unofficial concepts -- Here's hoping the musical gets a full-backing and they can get some official marketing going!

    You can see a range of ideas in the Posters section. I did all the art direction and design on these. 

    Big thanks to director/writer of the movie (and writer of the book for the musical) Darren Stein for inviting me to come along. Be sure to check out his latest movie G.B.F. which should be hitting OnDemand and theaters soon!


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