• Next Chapter Begins

    It's been a little over a month since I moved on from the city I've lived in for 1/3 of my life to start something new. After July 1st it was goodbye Boston and hello New Haven, CT. I recently decided to move here with my boyfriend who will be working for Yale. I love Boston (and being close to my hometown in New Hampshire was wonderful) but I was ready for a change. New Haven is just another small step toward creating my own distinct life, and I'm glad to be here. It's a city with a lot of history, culture and tons of great food—which I will both love and regret I'm sure. It also has a burgeoning arts and creative scene, and I've already taken advantage of the city being on the commuter rail to NYC.

    In moving I also decided to leave my job as footwear designer for Puma. It wasn't an easy decision: I had not been there for too long (about 1.5 years) and hey, a well-paying job for a big corporation that allows you to travel is not something to complain about. But in the end I decided to move on, and with that I have also made the decision to start up something on my own again. I will always be the most fulfilled when I can not just be visually creative, but when I can really get my hands dirty with the decision-making and bring in others as well. So I have decided to open up a shop where I can showcase my art direction abilities, and also display the work of others.

    I will have more information in the coming months, but for now you can follow the shop at our website: Strange Ways. You can also read a bit about it over at Dance Party Massacre, while the website is still up. I am transferring all of my energy into this new shop, so expect DPM to be officially gone soon. (RIP! <3)


I'm currently available for freelance work, collabs, etc. Get at me!