• My Story

    When running and promoting my clothing line Dance Party Massacre, I never felt fully comfortable making it about me. After all, I didn't name the brand after myself. I want the designs and concepts to speak for themselves and be judged based on that, not who I am.

    But as time has gone on, and I think about the brands I even follow; the ones I feel most deeply invested in I do know who runs it. I know the people behind it and I feel like I know them. In trying to make my brand grow and have people feel like they should care about it like I do, I decided to share my story about Dance Party Massacre.

    Maybe you'd be interested in reading it, and see why I care so much to try this full-time.

  • Create Your Own DC Comics - Batman Shoe

    This was one of the last projects I worked on while at Converse, and it was something special. For years Converse had been offering Batman shoes and also the ability for customers to create their own shoes online, but never before had DC Comics allowed us to offer the customers the ability to customize their own shoe with their graphics. Now you can create your own DC Comics (Batman) Converse shoe!

    I was the lead designer on this project and I created new patches, new patterns, and basically all design details put into the shoes. Who else can say they created a new Catwoman logo that DC Comics approved?! So glad to see it out there now.
  • GoodBye Converse

    This makes the 3rd blog post in a row about Converse, and maybe 3rd time is a charm to wrap this up. It makes sense as it's been a huge part of my life, but all that ended last Friday. After almost 5 years with Converse, I decided it was time to leave the company.

    The weirdest part has been telling people about my plan—I don't really have a plan. My plan is to figure out my plan. While Converse was pretty amazing, it came to a point where I wasn't super satisfied where I was at. I interned at Converse right after graduating college, and then got offered a job soon after. This has been my first and only job really in my field, and while an awesome job, I am ready to see what else I can do.

    Over the next few months I am going to 1) Take a breather (!) 2) Travel and 3) See where the wind takes me. I'm excited to see what else I am drawn to now that I have the space to let new things happen. I also plan on dedicating time to figuring out Dance Party Massacre's future—Give it the proper dedication it needs for once and see what happens. Who knows what the future will hold? It could be the start of everything new, and to me, that is very exciting!

  • Shoes Shoes Shoes

    I never expected to get into footwear, but as soon as I graduated college I interned at Converse and it's been my full-time job since. It's a very interesting challenge and growth opportunity because there are so many factors that go into making shoes from materials, color, prints, construction, and other details. I've recently began to put up some of the shoes I've worked on including some cool collaborations and special projects! Check out the portfolio for a small look into the 4+ years of shoes my hands have touched!

  • Greetings from China

    When I first started to work for Converse, I actually was hired as a liason between the Chinese office in Shanghai and the headquarters in North Andover. I traveled to China pretty often my first year until my role switched and the design team over there became more complete. Let's just say that first year was a ride! I was just out of college and jumped right in.

    These past 2 weeks I was able to venture back to China mostly to visit the Converse factories and partners they work with. It was a very informative, cool, challenging (exhausting), and worthwhile experience. Seeing and knowing the process of things you create first-hand makes your design decisions so much more purposeful. And while I enjoy my personal endeavors greatly, a big advantage of working for a larger company are the opportunities for travel and growth beyond what you might ever experience on your own.

  • A Sense of Humor

    Recently finished designing the poster for the short film A Sense of Humor. A good friend of mine from home (Nathan Larkin-Connolly), and his buddies (my buddies too) made this short that is currently being shown at a few festivals around the country. It stars Heather Morris (“Glee”) and John Weselcouch about a girl who can't laugh, and the comedian who's looking to win her heart by being the one who can.

    It was a really fun project, and was a nice flashback being able to create some film art. I'd like to do more if the right movie/video/short comes along! Check out the final product here. Or you could head over to the the IMDb page to view it, which is pretty cool!


I'm currently available for freelance work, collabs, etc. Get at me!