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Footwear + Graphic Designer for Lifestyle Brands

Massachusetts College of Art & Design
BFA Graphic Design, 2007

Crossing The Pond
British Communication Design Travel Course, 2006

Footwear Designer II for U.S. Regional Creation
(Mar 2013—July 2014)
• Created consumer-specific footwear for a variety of key U.S. accounts including East Coast vs West Coast demographics from family channel to small boutique doors. Focus was on Men’s new shoes, prints and material executions as well as providing trend and concept art direction.
• Also worked on exclusive fotwear with celebrity and premium collabs.

Dance Party Massacre
Creative Director + Graphic Designer
(Aug 2007—May 2013)
• Was the founder of a lifestyle streetwear brand reminding people to live while they can. Conceptually-driven focusing on horror elements and juxtaposing them with a fun edge. Products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, posters, stickers, patches, koozies, and hats. Expanded from doing all graphic design work to directing other designers and putting together artist collabs.

Footwear + Graphic Designer for Customs Team

(Oct 2007—Apr 2012)
• Created account-specific footwear for a variety of stores including Nordstrom, Macy's, Converse boutiques, Converse.com, Journey's, Footlocker, and Famous Footwear. Also worked on exclusive collaborations with Dr. Suess, DC Comics, and Converse boutiques. 
• Headed the design part of Converse “Create Your Own” shoes on Converse.com covering new graphics, customizable options, and art direction of colors and prints. 
• US point person for Converse China creating custom shoes for their market. Included multiple visits to Shanghai office to work with local design team that concluded with an extended 4 week stay.

Phidias Gold
Special Projects + Public Relations

(Jan 2011—Feb 2012)
• Premium apparel brand for artists by artists. Booked and co-curated gallery shows to help extend the idea of a brand based around art. Contacted artists, helped install art/murals and worked in heightening vision of the brand through social media and press.

• Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
• Graphic Design, Art Direction, Footwear, T-Shirt Graphics, Repeat Prints, Screen Printing, Logos, Posters, Typography, Tech Packs, Digital Photography, Social Media, Advertising


I'm currently available for freelance work, collabs, etc. Get at me!